How to Import Users and Groups Using EdeXML (ParnasSys and Esis)

Both ParnasSys and Esis can generate an EdeXML file which contains relevant information about the school like groups, students, and teachers. Jamf School can import this file, making configuring a lot easier.

Steps to take:

  • Generate the EdeXML from ParnasSys or Esis

  • Import the generated file in the Jamf School Management System

Generate the EdeXML:

School -> Export -> Edex -> Choose version “1.03” -> Click on “Genereer Edex bestanden”

Uitvoer -> Export -> EdeXML

Save the generated file(s) to a folder on your computer.

Import the generated file in Jamf School Management System:

  1. In Jamf School Management System go to “Organization” -> “Import / Export”.

  2. Click on “Import users from EdeXML”.

  3. Select the XML file you’ve just generated from ParnasSys or Esis.

  4. Leave the “Automatically create students groups” checked if you want to create student groups and make student a member of the group they’re in according to the EdeXML file.

  5. Select the default group for both the Students and Teachers. Students will become a member of both the selected groups and the group in the EdeXML file if the “Automatically create students groups” option is checked.

  6. Click on the “Start Import” button. You will be directed to the Import / Export page again where you can see the progress of the task.

  7. Once finished, you can see how many users & groups are imported or download the logfile Jamf School Management System generated.

Log files are automatically deleted every night at 00:00.

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