How On-Demand Apps, Documents, and Profiles Work

This article assumes you know how to distribute Apps to groups.

What happens when an App/Document/Profile is set to on-demand?

When an App is set on-demand, there are two things that will happen:

  • The VPP Apps and Documents will only use up a license when the App is installed by the user

  • The Apps/Documents/Profiles will be available to download from the Jamf School App

How do I set an App, Document or Profile to on-demand?

There are multiple ways to set Apps, Documents and Profiles to on-demand:

  1. Per device scope on an App, Document or Profile images/

  2. For all device scopes on an App, Document or Profile

  3. In Organisation settings


Where can I access my on-demand Apps, Documents, and Profiles?

Before accessing your on-demand apps, documents, and profiles, confirm that they are ready to be downloaded on the device. To do this, head over to the app that you want to be on-demand and look for the status 'assign only, not installed' on the scoped devices.

Once you see this status you'll be able to download the on-demand app, document, or profile from the Jamf School iOS App on the device:


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