Firewall Ports, IP Addresses, and URLs Used by Jamf School

This article describes the firewall ports, IP addresses, and URLs used for connections with Jamf School, the Jamf School server, and Jamf School apps.


To ensure that Jamf School can communicate properly with managed devices and Apple, whitelist the following ports:




Connections Initiated



Ensures Jamf School can communicate properly with managed devices. Be sure to allow outbound connections to and redirects from Apple’s block over these ports from all client networks. This ensures that Apple Push Notification service (APNs) will function correctly on your network.

To Jamf School and to APNs.



Directory service integration via LDAP (389) or LDAP over SSL (LDAPS/636) can be used for user authentication, device assignment, and user information and group membership lookups.


Jamf School server to LDAP/Domain controller

Note: All Jamf School server LDAP connections will originate from the Jamf School server.

IP Addresses

Ensure that the following IP addresses are whitelisted:

IP Address

Description and

(U.S. regions, LDAP only) Authentication requests to your LDAP server may come from these IP addresses.

(EU Frankfurt region, LDAP only) Authentication requests to your LDAP server may come from these IP addresses.

Cloudfare's current IP ranges. All MDM requests will go through Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Used to distribute macOS packages.


Apple software, including iOS, macOS, and iTunes, uses different ports and servers to connect to various services. iTunes for Windows also installs some processes that run in the background when the software is open. To avoid app installation issues, make sure to whitelist the URLs in the following article from Apple's support website:

In addition to whitelisting the URLs used by Apple, ensure the following URLs are also whitelisted:



Ensures scripting works properly.


The * address must be whitelisted with a " * " wildcard because several different addresses are used for different services.

Related Information

For related information, see the following articles from Apple's support website:

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