Enrollment Methods

Enrollment is the process of adding devices to Jamf School to establish a connection between the devices and the Jamf School server. This allows you to perform inventory, configuration, security management, and distribution tasks on the devices. When mobile devices are enrolled, inventory information for the devices is submitted to Jamf School.

If you are changing from another MDM provider to Jamf School and the device is not enrolled via Automated Device Enrollment (formerly DEP), or if you want to remove the MDM profile from a device enrolled in Jamf School through on-device enrollment, you must remove the MDM profile from your devices manually before enrolling them.

Note: To access all management features, it is recommend you use supervised devices with iOS 9.3.5 or later.

There are three ways to enroll devices with Jamf School:

  • Automated Device Enrollment—Automated Device Enrollment allows you to automate the enrollment process and prevent users from removing the MDM profile from the devices. This is the enrollment method recommended by Apple. By enrolling devices using Automated Device Enrollment, you can use all the device management capabilities Jamf School offers. Automated Device Enrollment is one way in which a computer can achieve a User Approved MDM status. User Approved MDM is required for certain performance and security enhancements, like managing kernel extensions.

    Note: If Jamf School is integrated with Microsoft Azure or Google, you can require enrollment authentication when enrolling devices via Automated Device Enrollment.

  • Apple Configurator 2 (iOS and tvOS only)If you want to use Automated Device Enrollment but your devices are not in Apple School Manager, you can use Apple Configurator 2 to add them to Apple School Manager.

  • User Enrollment and on-device enrollmentUser Enrollment and on-device enrollment allow you to manually enroll a device in Jamf School. Enrolling devices using User Enrollment or on-device enrollment results in an unsupervised device state. Users can remove the MDM profile on devices enrolled via User Enrollment or on-device enrollment, and you cannot use all management capabilities on them. As a result of this, it is recommended that you only enroll devices with User Enrollment or on-device enrollment if you cannot enroll them with Apple School Manager or Apple Configurator 2 or if it is a personally owned device. If a device is institutionally owned, it is recommended you enroll it using on-device enrollment. If a device is personally owned, it is recommended you enroll it using User Enrollment. User Enrollment and on-device enrollment are two ways in which a computer can achieve a User Approved MDM status.

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