Documentation Release History



1 August 2019

Added information about custom classes to "Jamf School Teacher App Overview".

30 July 2019

Revised the "Configuring the Jamf Parent App in Jamf School" section with how to allow parents to add student devices to Jamf Parent with a QR code.

12 June 2019

(Documentation update only) Fixed device supervision state wording for on-device enrollment in "Enrolling Devices".

10 June 2019

(Documentation update only) Revised and re-titled "Firewall Ports, IP Addresses, and URLs Used by Jamf School" and "Creating, Renewing, or Deleting an Apple Push Certificate". Removed "How to Renew an Apple Push Certificate". Changed "automated MDM enrollment" to "automated enrollment".

20 May 2019

(Documentation update only) Updated and restructured the Deployment Guide.

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