Creating an Apple Push Certificate

You must have a push certificate in Jamf School to manage devices with Jamf School.


To create a push certificate, you need a valid Apple ID (a corporate Apple ID is recommended). To create a corporate Apple ID, navigate to:

If you are renewing a push certificate that was originally obtained from Apple’s iOS Developer Program (iDEP), you must use the Apple ID for the iDEP Agent account used to obtain the certificate.

Note: Apple recommends that you use one corporate Apple ID for push certificates and a separate one for Apple School Manager.

Creating an Apple Push Certificate

  1. In Jamf School, navigate to the Apple Push Certificate step in the Setup Assistant.
    The certificate signing request (.csr) will download.

  2. In a new window or tab, navigate to the Apple Push Certificates Portal:

  3. Log in to the portal with your Apple ID.

  4. Click Create a Certificate.

  5. Upload the certificate signing request you downloaded from Jamf School.

  6. Click Upload, and then click Download. The Apple push certificate (.pem) will download.

  7. Return to the Jamf School tab in your browser. In the pop-up dialog, upload the Apple push certificate and enter your Apple ID username in the Apple ID field.

  8. Click Apply.

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