Creating Managed Configurations for Apps

It is possible to give an app a managed configuration in Jamf School. This requires knowledge of how to create property lists.

To enable a managed configuration for an app, navigate to the app's overview page and enable the advanced option Apply Managed Configuration.

Note: Each app has their own values. To find these values, check to see if the app allows managed configurations.

Multiple Managed Configurations

If you apply a managed config to an app, you will see multiple tabs. You can create multiple managed configurations in those tabs.

If you add a scope, you are able to select the managed configuration by clicking the cogwheel on the scope. You will also be able to select a default config.

If a device is in multiple scopes, it will use the managed configuration of the scope that was initially selected. If the app is scoped by a teacher, it will pick the default one. If there is no default, it will not use a managed configuration.

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