Creating Locations in Jamf School

You can create multiple locations in your environment and manage the locations from the Main Environment. This administrators a smoother workflow, as you are able to push down profiles, apps, and other features to the locations from the same place rather than having to swap environments.

Creating Locations

You can create and manage locations in Jamf School under Organization > Locations.

After you have created locations in your environment, they will be accessible in the top-right corner when using Jamf School. Your main location will always be displayed at the top of the Locations list.

Device Location Information

When you have devices enrolled in multiple sub-locations, this is easily viewed in the Locations column in most tables. You can also search for sub-locations in these columns.

Smart Groups

When you have created locations, you can also use these in a smart group filter. Apps, documents, and profiles can be pushed through this smart group.

Enforcing Settings

In the main location, you are able to enforce settings for your sub-locations. This is available for the following settings:

  • Organization Settings > General

  • Organization Settings > Apple Classroom

  • Organization Settings > Shared iPad

  • Organization Settings > Jamf School Self Service / Teacher / Parent

  • Organization Settings > Enrollment

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