Configuring a Printer Management Profile for macOS

The Printer Management payload allows you to preconfigure printers for all your macOS devices.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any loss of user data from use of Terminal commands.

Adding a Printer

You can add a printer to your list of installed printers by filling in the following fields in the payload:


  • Device URI: The device URI is found using the Terminal app on a macOS device, when in terminal enter the following line of code: lpinfo --include-schemes dnssd -v this will give you a list of available network printers in your local network.

  • Display Name: Display Name shown to the user when selecting the printer (for example, Office Printer).

  • Location: The location of the printer (for example, Office or Classroom 03).

  • Model: The device Model is also found using the Terminal app on a macOS device, when in terminal enter the following line of code: lpinfo -m the device model will be shown after the filepath of the driver (for example, Library/Printers/PPDs/Contents/Resources/CNPZBMF4800ZB.ppd.gz Canon MF4800 Series).

  • Printer Locked: This governs if the printer needs an administrator password in order to print

  • PPD Path: The path to the PPD (or PostScript Printer Description) file. Local file URLs should be prefixed with file://localhost/. To find the drivers for your printer, type the following in console: lpinfo -m
    This will provide you with a list of drivers available on your macOS. These will always have to be prefixed with file://localhost/.

Default Printer

In this list you can select the printer to be selected as default printer from the above configured printers

Options and Footer

There are some additional option you can select for your printer, including the ability to only show managed printers and automatically print a footer on your documents that include the username, date, and the MAC address.

Missing Drivers on macOS

If you are missing the drivers for your printer on your macOS device, see the following Apple documentation: Printer and scanner drivers for Mac.

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