Configuring a Layout for Devices

In Jamf School, it is possible to configure a preset layout for your devices. This is done in a profile under the Layout tab.

When configuring a layout in a profile, keep the following in mind:

  • This setting will only affect supervised devices with iOS 9.3 or later.

  • Apps cannot be removed from the device when using a layout.

  • User-installed apps cannot be configured in a layout and will always be displayed in the first available spot.

  • Web Clips can be configured in a layout for devices with iOS 11.3 or later.

  • Apps that are not configured in a layout will be put in a folder on the last page.

  • Apple default apps that aren't configured in a layout will be put in folder named "Apple". If you do not want those apps to show up, you should blacklist those apps within a profile. If you want them to show up at a specific place, you can drag and drop those apps in the desired location.

To configure a layout, drag an app to the desired position on the device. New pages can be added to a layout by navigating to an empty page and adding an app on the page.


It is possible to add app groups to your layout by dragging the group icon into the layout and clicking on it. Here you can add apps to your group and rename the group as needed.

Shared iPad Layout Configuration

It is possible to configure a layout on Shared iPads. However, this is done in the class for the Shared iPad rather than in a profile.

Navigate to your Shared iPad class and select the Apps tab to configure a layout.


It is possible to copy layout settings for Shared iPads. For more information, see Copying Apps, Documents, and Settings Between Classes.

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