Building Packages

You can build and distribute packages to computers in Jamf School by using Composer or another package-building tool. For more information about building packages using Composer, see the Composer User Guide. If you want to use Composer to build packages, you must have a Jamf Nation account and install Composer by navigating to the following website:

Note: The maximum package size you can upload to Jamf School is 5 TB.

This article describes how to build packages using the Packages app.

Download and Install the Packages App

  1. Navigate to Packages App and download the app.

  2. Open the downloaded file and follow the installation steps.

Creating a Package Using the Packages App

  1. Open the Packages application.

  2. Select “Distribution” as the template for your project and click Next.

  3. When Packages prompts for access your contacts, click OK.

  4. Enter a name for your project.

  5. Choose a project directory and click Finish.

  6. Click on the package you just created in the left menu in “Packages”.

  7. Click Payload at the top. Drag the packages installed on your computer to the package you want to create.

  8. Open Finder and drag the applications you want to add to your package to the Applications folder in Packages.

  9. Packages will ask you for “Permissions” and “Reference Style”, use “Absolute Path” and click Add.
    You will see the application added to your package.

  10. In the menu bar, select “Build” and click Build.

  11. Click Save.

You can now install this package on computers using Jamf School. For more information, see Distributing In-House Apps and Books.

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