Adding a Placeholder Device

A placeholder is a device that is not yet enrolled in Jamf School. As soon as the device is enrolled, the device will be automatically assigned to a group and get a device owner.

For example, a placeholder device could be added for a new teacher as shown in the screen shot below. In this example, you would scan the box of the iPad, and prepare the device in Jamf School by making the device a member of the Teachers group and setting a placeholder name as the device owner.


When the device is enrolled in Jamf School, it will be automatically assigned to a user and the Teachers group. You can also assign profiles and apps to the Teachers group to be applied when the device is enrolled.

If you have many placeholders to create, you can use the bulk import tool by going to Organization > Important/Synchronize. This allows you to upload a .csv file with the usernames and serial numbers.

You can also use a barcode scanner to scan the device serial number from the iPad box, and assign the device to a user.

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