Adding Web Clips for macOS Client Computers

You can add Web Clips to your macOS devices by following the steps below.

Note: It is not possible to distribute Web Clips for macOS using the profiles section in Jamf School.

Creating a Script

  1. Open Script Editor.

  2. Click on File and select "New".

  3. Write the following in the Script Editor:

    tell application “Safari”


    open location “”

    end tell

  4. Click Play to test this script.

  5. Click File, and then select "Export".

  6. Enter a name and location for the script and select "Application" as the File Format.

  7. To change the Web Clip icon image, right-click the file you just exported, and then select "Get Info".

  8. Select the image in the top left corner and paste a new image.


Creating a Package

See Building Packages for macOS to create a package for your Web Clip.

Distributing the Package

See Distributing In-House Packages to macOS Client Computers to distribute a package for your Web Clip.

Configuring the Dock

  1. Create or edit a new profile in Jamf School.

  2. Navigate to the Dock section and click Configure.

  3. Add your app to the Dock Apps as follows: /Applications/

  4. Select Merge with Users’s Dock.

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