Jamf Reset is a mobile device app that enables users to quickly reset a device to the original factory settings using Jamf Pro. This process simplifies the necessary steps to wipe a device and records a log in Jamf Pro each time a device is wiped.

Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset support a new Single Login workflow that simplifies and secures frontline shared-device deployments. With Single Login, a user’s Azure cloud identity credentials can be used to instantly provision/de-provision an iOS or iPadOS device for their individual needs, wirelessly and without IT interaction.

A one-time login in Jamf Setup can provision, assign, and secure an iOS device based on a user’s identity and role within Azure Active Directory. Upon launching each supporting app, the user is logged in automatically without entering their username and password. At break or end of shift, they can quickly logout from the Jamf Reset app to remove their app accounts and footprint from the device.
Leveraging Microsoft’s SSO Plugin for Apple Devices (built on Apple’s Extensible Single Sign-On Framework), Jamf Setup with Single Login offers a simple, secure, and streamlined way to use an iOS or iPadOS device for each shift.

The Single Login workflow uses key Microsoft technologies designed for supporting Apple’s Enterprise SSO Framework. These technologies are currently in public preview, potential support issues and other potential risks should be considered before using. Microsoft technologies are subject to Microsoft’s terms and conditions and should not be used in a production environment. More information from Microsoft is available, see Supplemental Terms of Use for Microsoft Azure Previews.

General Requirements

To use Jamf Reset, you need the following:

  • Jamf Pro 10.23.0 or later

  • Supervised mobile devices with iOS 11 that are connected to the Internet

Note: To ensure a successful re-enrollment after using Jamf Reset, enable the Clear extension attribute values on computers and mobile devices checkbox to clear all values for extension attributes from mobile device inventory information. Navigate to Settings > Global Management > Re-enrollment to enable this feature.

Single Sign-On Requirements

If you are configuring single sign-on (SSO) settings available in Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset 3.0.0 or later, you need the following:

  • Jamf Pro 10.28.0 or later

  • Supervised mobile devices with iOS 13 or later that are connected to the internet

  • A registered app in Microsoft Azure AD for Jamf Setup.
    For instructions, see Integrating with Microsoft Azure AD in the Jamf Setup Configuration Guide.

  • Single Sign-On enabled for Jamf Setup
    For instructions, see Enabling Single Sign-On in the Jamf Setup Configuration Guide.

  • Microsoft Authenticator for mobile devices

Additional Information

If you have iOS apps that you want to support the Single Login workflow, see Solution Partner Program and Single Login with Single Sign-on Extensions.

To locate iOS apps that support Single Login, see the Jamf Marketplace.

if you are also using Jamf Setup in your organization, see the Jamf Setup Configuration Guide.

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