Uninstalling Jamf Protect

You can use the Jamf Protect uninstaller package that is available in the Jamf Protect web app to remove the agent from computers. You can run the uninstaller locally or use an MDM solution to deploy it to target computers. Complete the following steps to download and run the uninstaller package on computers:

  1. In Jamf Protect, click Administrative > Downloads
  2. Download the Jamf Protect Uninstaller PKG.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Install the package locally on computers.

    • Upload the package to an MDM solution, such as Jamf Pro, and then use a policy to run the uninstaller on target computers.

      For more information about using a policy to deploy a package withJamf Pro, see the Package Deployment section of the Jamf Pro Administrator's Guide

The uninstaller runs and Jamf Protect is removed from computers. The agent no longer sends data to the Jamf Protect Cloud or third party storage solutions integrated with your Jamf Protect tenant.