Setting Up an API Environment in Altair GraphQL Client

You can interact with and test the Jamf Protect API by using Altair GraphQL Client, a debugging application specifically designed for GraphQL APIs. With Altair, you can easily test and develop queries and interact with the GraphQL schema documentation.

To learn more about the Altair GraphQL Client application, see the Altair documentation website.

  • An API Client in Jamf Protect

    To create an API Client, navigate to Administrative > API Clients in the Jamf Protect sidebar.

  • The Altair GraphQL Client application

    To download Altair, go to the Altair website.

  1. Open Altair GraphQL Client.
  2. Set up a new environment by doing the following:
    1. Navigate to Environments > Environments... in the upper-right of the window.
    2. Click Add Environment.
    3. In the Environment editor, add your API Client configuration information in the following format:
      "password": "<API-CLIENT-PASSWORD>",
      "client_id": "<CLIENT_ID>"
    4. (Optional) Name your environment by changing the header text in the environment editor.
    5. Click Save.
  3. Choose your new environment from the Environment pop-up menu in the upper-right of the window.
  4. Configure a new window in Altair by doing the following:
    1. In Jamf Protect, navigate to Administrative > API Clients in the sidebar.
    2. Select an API Client.
    3. Download the Altair Window Configuration file.
    4. Drag the configuration file to Altair.

An Altair window should automatically be configured and can now interact with your Jamf Protect API environment.