Jamf Protect Dashboards

Jamf Protect dashboards contain useful metrics and visuals of collected data from computers. The following dashboards are available in the Jamf Protect web app:

  • Detections

  • Insights

  • Apple Security

  • Computers


The Detections dashboard highlights alerts and log issues on computers and associated Analytic categories and tags. You can click on items to view more information about an alert, log, or computer.

Apple Security

The Apple Security dashboard highlights insights and detections related to the following native security tools:

  • XProtect

    Apple's built-in application that scans a binary before it is launched and helps you ensure it is up-to-date on computers.

  • Malware Removal Tool (MRT)

    Apple's built-in threat remediation application.

  • Gatekeeper

    Apple's built-in control that restricts unsigned or unverified downloaded applications from opening. It functions as a control to limit applications from unverified sources from running without authorization.

To learn more about Apple's built-in security tools on the Mac, see Protecting against malware in the Apple Platform Security user guide.


The Computers dashboard highlights key metrics about computers with the Jamf Protect agent, such as computers with the most alerts and logs, hardware models, and versions of macOS and the Jamf Protect agent on computers. You can click any metric for more information.