Insights are additional status updates that Jamf Protect can collect from computers and report to administrators. When enabled, an insight monitors a specific setting and displays a compliance status for the computer in relation to the insight.

For example, an insight that monitors screen sharing to ensure it is disabled will report non-compliance to administrators if screen sharing is enabled on any computer.

Insights are continuously maintained and primarily based on the Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks for Apple operating systems. For more information, see the Apple OS Benchmark webpage from CIS.

Insights aligns with the latest CIS benchmark recommendations for macOS 11.

Keep the following in mind about insights reporting:

  • Insights reports are individually enabled or disabled for your organization on the Insights page and then centrally enabled or disabled as part of a plan.

  • Jamf Protect still collects data for disabled insights during each check-in but does not display or report the data from disabled insights in the Jamf Protect web app.

  • Insights only report computer settings and do not enforce settings and restrictions on computers. To enforce a setting or restriction, you must use an MDM solution, such as Jamf Pro.

  • Only the currently logged in user's computer settings are monitored and reported.