Audit Logs

Audit logs track and display all activity by users in the Jamf Protect web app. Each audit log entry includes the following information:

  • Date

    When the activity occurred

  • User

    Which user performed the activity

  • Operation

    What activity occurred in the Jamf Protect web app

  • Arguments

    Parameters provided for the activity

  • Errors

    Errors that occurred during the activity

  • IP's

    IP addresses associated with the activity

    Audit logs are kept for one year and can be exported in CSV format.

  • Resource IDAn identifier that represents a Jamf Protect resource that was created, modified, or deleted.

Exporting Audit Logs

Complete the following to export audit logs from Jamf Protect:

  1. In Jamf Protect, click Administrative > Audit Logs.
  2. Use the checkboxes in the left-hand column to select which log entries you want to export. To export all logs on the current page, select the checkbox at the top of the column.

    Only 500 log entries can be displayed and exported at a time.

  3. Click the Export Selected button in the top-right of the screen.

    You may need to accept a prompt from your web browser to download files from your Jamf Protect URL.

Your audit logs are downloaded to your computer in CSV format.