Assessing Your Security Needs

Before you deploy Jamf Protect to computers in your organization, you should assess your security needs and refine how Jamf Protect monitors computers by doing the following:

  • Evaluate Analytics

    Determine which built-in analytics you want to use in your environment, and then add them from your plans. For more information, see Built-in Analytics.

  • Evaluate Insights

    Determine which insights you want to use in your environment. For more information, click Insights in Jamf Protect.

  • Create your own Analytics
    Determine what processes on macOS need more telemetry and detections, and then create additional analytics. For more information, see Creating Analytics.

    Creating an analytic requires an understanding of the following advanced topics and processes:

    • An understanding of filtering and sorting logic, such as the NSPredicate and NSExpression classes, to evaluate events and processes on macOS For more information, see NSPredicate from the Apple Developer website.

    • An understanding of the event and process you want to monitor on computers