Turning on Two-Step Verification

Jamf Now now offers you better account security with two-step verification. Jamf Now two-step verification works with your preferred authenticator app.

If you have the Allow Two-Step Verification to be disabled via email checkbox selected and would like to disable this feature, you will need to disable two-factor authentication completely. You will then be able to turn on two-factor authentication without the Disable Two-Factor by Email option. For authenticator apps available on the App Store, see the following list:
  • Google Authenticator

  • OTP Auth

  • Free OTP Authenticator

  • Sophos Authenticator

    If you do not have the email recovery feature turned on, or any of your recovery codes, Jamf Now support does not have the ability to unlock your account. This is a security measure to keep all of our customers and your account safe.

  1. Log in to Jamf Now.
  2. Click your name in the bottom-left corner.
  3. Select Account.
  4. Click the Profile tab.
  5. Click Enable Two-Step under Two-Step Verification in the Security section.

    Screenshot of the Security section, where you can enable two-step verification.

  6. (Optional) Select the Allow Two-Step Verification to be disabled via email checkbox. This allows you to recover your account by disabling verification through email if your two-step verification authenticator codes are lost.

    Screenshot of a checkmarked box that allows Two-Step Verification to be disabled via email.

  7. Click Continue.
  8. A box with a QR code will pop up with numbers underneath. Scan this code with your Authenticator app of choice.

    Screenshot of the QR code for enabling Two-Step Verification.

  9. After scanning the code into your authenticator app, click Continue.
  10. To verify the authenticator is working, you will now be prompted to input the 6-digit code provided to you in your authenticator, and then click Enable.
  11. Once the account has been verified, 10 one-time use codes will appear. These can be used to recover access to your account if your authenticator codes are lost. It is recommended you print these codes and store them somewhere safe.

    Screenshot of backup codes in the event that you lose or replace your device.

Your account is now setup with Two-Step Verification. Every time you log in to Jamf Now, you will get a prompt to input your 6-digit code.