Transferring User Information from One Mac to Another


When transferring user information from one computer to another using Time Machine and Migration Assistant, when intending to enroll the new Mac with Jamf Now, the current Mac must be managed by Jamf Now. This workflow prevents the new Mac from failing to enroll.

  1. Back up your current Mac using Time Machine. For more information, see Back up your Mac with Time Machine from the Apple Support website.
  2. Use Migration Assistant to transfer data from your Time Machine backup to the new Mac. For more information on using Migration Assistant, see Move your content to a new Mac from the Apple Support website.

    On your new Mac, when asked to "Select the information to transfer", deselect the System Settings checkbox. If the System Settings checkbox was not deselected using Migration Assistant, the process can be redone either using the existing Time Machine backup, or a new backup can be performed and used.

If recently enrolled Macs that migrated data are not receiving all commands, complete the following steps to ensure the Mac is completely enrolled:
  1. In Jamf Now, select the affected device.

  2. Click the Browse button and select Unenroll device from the pop-up menu.
  3. Click Unenroll to confirm.

  4. Confirm the Jamf Now profiles are no longer listed on your Mac under System Preferences > Profiles, and then re-enroll the device. See Re-enrolling a Computer Using Automated Device Enrollment in the Jamf Now Documentation.