Syncing Automated Device Enrollment and Volume Purchasing in Jamf Now

Jamf Now syncs with your Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager account in two different ways:

  1. Jamf Now performs a sync upon every Jamf Now login (

  2. Post login, a sync can be manually initiated for Automated Device Enrollment or volume purchasing in their respective locations in Jamf Now:

    • For Automated Device Enrollment, navigate to Auto-Enrollment > View Devices.

      Screenshot of the Auto-Enrollment Devices section.

    • For volume purchasing, navigate to Apps, and then click the Action pop-up menu (•••) in the top-right corner.

      Screenshot of the Apps section, highlighting the option to sync volume purchasing apps.


Errors can appear when initiating syncs in Jamf Now with Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager. If this happens, simply renew the token to re-establish the connection.