Setting Up Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment allows your users to add their iPad, iPhone, and Mac to Jamf Now themselves. You do not need to share your Jamf Now username and password. Instead, you send the Open Enrollment URL (for example, and the Access Code (PIN) to your users. Users then click the link to enroll with Jamf Now.


For most customers, Automated Device Enrollment is the preferred method for adding devices to Jamf Now. If Automated Device Enrollment is not available, use Open Enrollment.

  1. Log in to Jamf Now.
  2. Click Open Enrollment.
  3. Select the Enable Open Enrollment checkbox.
  4. Enter an access code. Users will use this code to enroll their devices with Jamf Now.
  5. Choose how long you would like to have Open Enrollment stay on. After the specified time, Open Enrollment will turn off.
  6. Click Save Settings.

Your unique Open Enrollment URL displays at the bottom of the page. You can use a link shortener service to personalize your Open Enrollment URL.


You will receive an "Open Enrollment is no longer active" error message when trying to enroll devices when the Open Enrollment period has expired, or if you have a free account and have already enrolled three devices.