Setting Up Email

You can set up and assign email accounts for devices via Blueprints in Jamf Now. One email account can be added per device with Jamf Now. You must manually add additional email accounts directly on the device.

If you set up email settings before Open Enrollment, the Open Enrollment page will ask the user for their email address. This will assign the email to this device without you manually assigning it.

  1. Log in to Jamf Now.
  2. Click Blueprints, and then select the Blueprint to which you would like to add email settings.
  3. Click the Email payload.
  4. Select your email type from the Email Account pop-up menu. For example, if your organization uses Exchange, you would select Exchange from the pop-up menu.

    The "Google" Email Account option is compatible with iPad and iPhone only. If you are using Gmail, you must enable "Less secure app access" in your Google account settings outside of Jamf Now. For more information on enabling this setting, see the following Google product documentation: Less secure apps & your Google Account.

    If you are setting up email accounts using Google Apps for Work, select Exchange. In the Incoming Mail Server field, enter and customize any other additional options.

    The Other (IMAP/POP) and Exchange Email Account options require you to input your mail server information. Reference your email provider's documentation on ports and server URLs.

    Screenshot of Email Account options, located in a selected Blueprint.
  5. Once you have selected your mail option and entered the associated information, click Save Changes.