Renewing Your Volume Purchasing Certificate

Jamf Now integrates with Apple Business Manager to help you manage and purchase apps for your organization. Each year, you need to renew your server token to maintain communication with Apple Business Manager.

  1. Log in to Jamf Now.
  2. Click Volume Purchasing.
  3. Click Renew.
  4. Select the desired program and click Next.

    This workflow is in Apple Business Manager.

  5. In a new window or tab, log in to Apple Business Manager.
  6. Navigate to Settings > Apps and Books.
  7. Scroll to the Jamf Now location and click Download. This will automatically go to the Downloads folder.
  8. Navigate back to Jamf Now and click Next.
  9. Drag and drop or click Browse to upload your server token into Jamf Now.
  10. In the dialog window, leave Renew my server token selected and click Continue.
  11. Select the App Store country or region and click Continue.
  12. (Optional) Enter the Apple ID to receive a renewal reminder in Jamf Now.
  13. Click Save.
Your token will now upload to your Jamf Now account. Once uploaded, you will see the code and the expiration date for your token.