Push Certificate Mismatch Error

A push certificate allows for communication between Jamf Now and the Apple Push Notification service (APNs), which allows for device communication with managed devices in Jamf Now. Push certificates need to be renewed annually to allow for continued device communication.

When uploading a push certificate to be renewed, Jamf Now compares the Common Name of the current push certificate to the Common Name of the push certificate you are attempting to upload. The "Push Certificate Mismatch" error indicates that the push certificate you are uploading does not match your current push certificate in Jamf Now.

Screenshot of the Push Certificate mismatch error message, with the option button to Replace Certificate.

Resolving a Push Certificate Mismatch

The "Push Certificate Mismatch" error can be corrected by locating the originally created APNs certificate and uploading it to Jamf Now. To locate this original certificate, we recommend signing in to any Apple ID that could have been used to create the original push certificate.

Apple will also send email reminders to the Apple ID used to create the original push certificate with the subject "Apple Push Notification Service certificate expiration". You can search your email inbox to investigate what Apple ID could have created the original push certificate.

Once a push certificate is located in the APNs portal, you can compare the Common Name displayed in the portal to what is displayed in Jamf Now. If they match, you have located the original and correct push certificate for renewal purposes. Continue with the renewal process and upload this renewed push certificate to Jamf Now.

Screenshot of the Apple Push Certificates Portal, highlighting the Common Name displayed in the Subject DN section.

Locating the Common Name on Devices

Managed devices also display the Common Name of the push certificate used to enroll the device with Jamf Now. This is shown as the "Topic" on the device.

  • For iOS, navigate to Settings > General > Device Management > Enrollment > More Details > Mobile Device Management.

    Screenshot of iOS device, highlighting the Topic Name.

  • For macOS, navigate to System Preferences > Profiles.

    Screenshot of Profiles in System Preferences on macOS.

Avoiding Push Certificate Mismatch Errors

Once the correct push certificate is located, renewed, and uploaded, you should ensure you saved the correct Apple ID in the final step in the push certificate renewal process. You can then reference this Apple ID a year from now for next year's push certificate renewal process.

Screenshot of step 4, with a text box to type and save the Apple ID used for your push certificate.