Passcode Settings

Jamf Now now gives you the ability to set specific settings for device passcodes. Below are the descriptions for each passcode setting available in Jamf Now.
Require complex passcode
Turning complex passcode on requires users to create a passcode without repeating (1111), or increasing or decreasing patterns (1234 or 8765).
Require Alphanumeric
Turning this feature on requires the devices passcode to contain both letters and numbers.
Require Minimum Passcode Length
The passcode must be at least this length based on your choice for the setting (1-16 characters).
Minimum Symbols
Turning on minimum symbols requires the device passcode to contain at least this many special characters. Special characters include: ! @ # $ % &
Maximum Passcode Age
Specifying a length of time a passcode can be used before it needs to be changed by the user.
Passcode History
Sets the number of unique passcodes needed before being able to reused a previous passcode.
Maximum Grace Period
The amount of time the user can unlock a device without entering a passcode. In macOS X, this is translated to screensaver settings.
Maximum Failed Attempts (iPad and iPhone only)
Set the number of failed passcode attempts. Once this number is exceeded, the device is wiped and reset to factory settings. This will unenroll the device from Jamf Now.
Auto-lock on iPad and iPhone
The device will automatically lock after idle for the specified period of time.
Auto-lock on Mac
The Mac will automatically lock after being idle for the specified amount of time.