Network Ports Used by Jamf Now

Understanding content filtering and network ports in Jamf Now is important when using networks with a strong firewall. Network administrators can use this information to open the filters on a network. Jamf Now cannot control the network filters.

Network filters can block communication both to and from Jamf Now's network. This article provides information on managing content filtering and the networks used for connections with Jamf Now.

Device Communication with Apple Push Notification service (APNs)

Jamf Now uses APNs to communicate with managed devices through push commands. For these commands to come through Jamf Now, port 443 needs to be opened on the firewall.

Device Communication with Jamf Now

For a device to communicate with Jamf Now, you need outbound connections to the following Jamf Now domains and applicable subdomains:

  • *

  • *

Additional Information

Managed devices in Jamf Now communicate primarily with Apple. See the following articles from the Apple Support website for more information on managing content filtering and network ports.