Jamf Now Red Dot Alerts

Jamf Now uses "needs attention" red dots on device dashboards to notify administrators that a device needs addressing. Below are the common causes and remediation tips for devices flagged as "needs attention".

Common Causes

  • Last check-in was more than eight days ago

  • Settings are out of date or not applied

  • No passcode is set on an iPhone or iPad

  • FileVault is enabled, but the recovery key is not stored

  • The device is unenrolled

  • The device is still enrolling

  • An app installation error has occurred

Remediation Tips

  • Ensure the device is turned on

  • Check network connection (Wi-Fi or cellular)

  • Unlock device if it is set to a passcode

  • Ensure Apple Push Notification service (APNs) is valid

  • Ensure the APNs certificate used to enroll the device is the same as the one connected to Jamf Now. For more information, see Push Certificate Mismatch Error.

  • For a Mac, ensure it is logged in to the same local account used during enrollment

  • For a Mac, ensure it is not bound to Active Directory


    Jamf Now only knows as much as the device tells it. Referencing the "Last Inventoried" date on a device's dashboard will give you an idea of when the device last reported its installed apps, profiles, and other settings.