Jamf Now Mac Management Requirements

These requirements ensure that a managed Mac fully communicates with Jamf Now:

  • Jamf Now can only manage local accounts for Mac. Any network bound account used to enroll a Mac will be unable to inventory with Jamf Now.

  • Jamf Now can only fully communicate with one local account per Mac. The local account used to enroll will be the account managed by Jamf Now. For any Auto-Enrolled Mac, this will most likely be the account created during the Setup Assistant.

  • Jamf Now cannot communicate with computers bound to any directory service (for example, Active Directory or Open Directory). If a directory bound Mac is enrolled with Jamf Now, the Mac will never submit its inventory with Jamf Now. To correct this communication issue, the device can be unbound from the directory service under System Preferences > Users & Groups.

    If you want directory bound Mac management, we recommend checking out our sister product, Jamf Pro, as an alternative solution. For additional information on Jamf Pro, see the following links: