Getting Started with Jamf Now

This guide contains instructions on how to initially set up Jamf Now.

  • Ensure you are using a computer to set up your Jamf Now account. You can access Jamf Now from a mobile device, but setup requires a Mac or Windows computer.

  • Ensure you are using Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.

  • Create an account at You will receive an activation email from If you do not receive the email, check your junk or spam folder.

  • Enroll in Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager. This process can take up to five business days for approval.

Step 1: Set Up Your Apple Push Notification Service (APNs)

APNs enables you to create a trusted relationship between your devices, Apple, and Jamf. APNs setup is required before you can enroll devices. To configure APNs, log in to Jamf Now and click APNs.

For more information, see Setting Up Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) Certificate.

Step 2: Set Up Automated Device Enrollment

Automated Device Enrollment using Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager allows you to automatically download Jamf Now management settings to Apple devices immediately upon activation. To set up Automated Device Enrollment, log in to Jamf Now and click Auto-Enrollment.

For more information, see Setting Up Automated Device Enrollment.

Step 3: Set Up Volume Purchasing

App distribution with Jamf Now is a simple process when you integrate with volume purchasing (Apps and Books) in Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager. Apps and Books provides the best way for organizations to centrally purchase and deploy apps. When you purchase apps for managed distribution, your organization can assign apps to an employee's Apple ID or device while retaining ownership of the app. Jamf Now requires a volume purchasing integration to connect to Apps and Books and deploy paid iPad or iPhone apps, or any Mac or Apple TV apps. To set up volume purchasing, log in to Jamf Now and click Volume Purchasing.

For more information, see Setting Up Volume Purchasing.

Step 4: Configure and Assign Blueprints

Blueprints allow you to easily bundle applications, settings, and restrictions. After configuring a Blueprint, you can assign devices to that Blueprint to deploy selected bundled settings to those devices. To configure Blueprints, log in to Jamf Now and click Blueprints.


While configuring Blueprints, be aware of the features that require supervision. Supervision allows for a higher level of device management. For more information, see Supervision.

For more information on configuring Blueprints, see Creating a New Blueprint.

For more information on assigning Blueprints to devices, see Preassigning Blueprints to Devices Enrolled with Automated Device Enrollment or Designating a Blueprint to Assign to Devices Enrolled with Open Enrollment.

Step 5: Enroll Devices

Enrollment is the process of adding devices and establishing a connection between devices and Jamf Now. This allows you to perform inventory, configuration, security management, and distribution tasks on the devices.

You can enroll devices using Automated Device Enrollment or Open Enrollment. Open enrollment is a lower form of management that is most commonly used when employees want to bring personal devices into the workplace (known as BYOD).


Jamf Now is an Apple only MDM platform. You can access your Jamf Now account from any operating system, but only Apple Devices with current operating systems can enroll in Jamf Now. For more information on operating system requirements, see System Requirements.