Enrolling an iPad or iPhone Using Open Enrollment

  1. On the iPad or iPhone that you want to enroll, navigate to the Open Enrollment page using one of the following methods:
    • Open Safari and enter your Open Enrollment URL found in Jamf Now by navigating to Open Enrollment. For example: https://go.jamfnow.com/xyz

    • Open the Camera on the iPad or iPhone and scan your QR code found in Jamf Now by navigating to Open Enrollment.

  2. Enter the username and the passcode that you created, select a Blueprint, and enter an email (if required). When completed, tap Start Enrollment.
  3. Tap Allow on the pop-up dialog to download the configuration profile.
  4. Navigate to Settings > General and select Profile.
  5. Select the desired profile, and then tap Install. In the pop-up dialog, tap Install again.
  6. (Optional) Enter the device passcode. You will only be prompted to do so if the device has a passcode set.
  7. A message alerting the user that their device will be remotely managed by the Jamf Now account administrator appears. Tap Install.
  8. Tap Trust to allow the device to trust Jamf Now's profile.
  9. Tap Done.
The profile is installed and the device is enrolled with Jamf Now.