Enrolling a Mac Using Open Enrollment

  • Ensure the Mac has Find My disabled or is signed out of iCloud.

  • Ensure the Mac does not have a Management profile already installed. Navigate to System Preferences > Profiles to check for an installed Management profile. If one already exists, you must delete the profile before enrolling with Open Enrollment.

  • The Open Enrollment period must be active. You can edit the Open Enrollment period in Jamf Now by navigating to Open Enrollment > Settings, and then updating the Duration pop-up menu.

  1. On the Mac you want to enroll, open Safari and enter your Jamf Now Open Enrollment URL (for example, https://go.jamfnow.com/xyz).

    Screenshot of the start of the Open Enrollment process.


    The user must enroll a Mac while logged in to the primary user's account. Network user accounts are not supported at this time.

  2. The user will be prompted to enter the access code you created and their name, select a Blueprint, and enter an email address (if required). Once the information is entered, click Download Configuration Profile.
  3. When the configuration profile is downloaded, open System Preferences and navigate to Profiles. To install the Jamf Now Profile, click Install.
  4. You will now be asked to continue with enrollment. Click Continue.
  5. Confirm you want to install the Jamf Now profile by clicking Install.

    Installing a Management profile while one is already installed on a Mac will result in a failed enrollment.

    • If the Mac initially enrolled using Automated Device Enrollment, you need to erase and reinstall the macOS. If that happens, contact Jamf Support for assistance.

    • If the Mac was not enrolled previously using Automated Device Enrollment, remove the profile from System Preferences, restart the Mac, and retry Open Enrollment.

  6. Enter the credentials as prompted and click Enroll.

    Screenshot of login credentials for Profiles in System Preferences.

The profile should now be installed on your Mac. You can enable Find My or sign in to iCloud on the computer if desired.

If FileVault was already enabled prior to enrollment, and if you want FileVault keys stored in Jamf Now, you need to escrow a new Activation Lock bypass code. For more information, see Generating a New FileVault Key for Escrowing with Jamf Now.