Deploying Custom Profiles with Jamf Now


To use this feature, you need to be on the Jamf Fundamentals plan. To view or edit your plan, click on your account name, and then navigate to Account > Plan section.

  1. Create a configuration profile via Apple Configurator or iMazing Profile Editor, and then download the profile to your computer.
  2. Log in to Jamf Now.
  3. Click Blueprints.
  4. Select the Blueprint you want to add the configuration profile to, or create a new Blueprint for the profile.
  5. Click on the Custom Profiles tab, and then click Add Profile.
  6. Drag and drop or click Browse to upload your configuration profile, and then click Add Profile.
  7. Click the Devices tab, and then click Add a Device.
  8. Select the devices you want to deploy this Blueprint to, and then click Add Devices.