Creating a Configuration Profile with Apple Configurator or iMazing Profile Editor

Follow the steps below to create a configuration profile with Apple Configurator or iMazing Profile Editor. Once created, profiles can be uploaded to Jamf Now and deployed via Blueprints.


The following workflow must be completed on a Mac. iMazing Profile Editor is required to create macOS profiles.

Download the latest version of the Apple Configurator app from the App Store, or the iMazing Profile Editor app available in the App Store or on the iMazing website.

  1. Open the previously downloaded app.
  2. Click File and select New Profile for Apple Configurator, or New for iMazing Profile Editor.
  3. Use the General payload to configure basic settings, including a name for your profile.

    The profile name displays in Jamf Now.

  4. Configure other payloads as needed.

    You can add multiple payloads to one configuration profile, but if you choose to do so, updating one payload in the configuration profile will affect all other associated payloads. For this reason, we recommend creating separate profiles based on functionality. For more information, see Review MDM payloads for Apple devices in Apple Platform Deployment.

  5. Do not sign your profile, as signed profiles will not work with Jamf Now.
  6. Click File and select Save.

You can now log in to Jamf Now to upload and deploy your profile. For more information, see Deploying Custom Profiles with Jamf Now.

For more information on configuration profile creation via Apple Configurator, see Create and edit configuration profiles in Apple Configurator from the Apple Support website.

For more information on configuration profile creation via iMazing Profile Editor, see Getting started with iMazing Profile Editor in the iMazing Manual.