Billing Failure and Account Suspension

Billing Failure
If you have been notified that your billing method has failed, navigate to your account page and enter a new payment method. No further action is needed; the system will automatically try the new payment method later that night.
Account Suspension

Your account will go into a suspended state after attempting to process your payment for seven days after you receive a billing failure notice. If your account enters a suspended state, you will need to update your billing information in order to bring your account back to normal status.

After suspension, you will be able to log in to your account, but you will not be able to click on elements in Jamf Now to take action on devices. Most communication between Jamf Now and your devices is paused.


Devices can still be unenrolled from your Jamf Now account when in a suspended state.

You will see this notification displayed in your Jamf Now account when you log in. You will also notice an orange banner across the top of your entire Jamf Now account.

Account Suspended notification.

Click on Update Billing on either the dialog box or the banner to be taken to your account page where you can enter new billing information.

Account summary page, with a red bar across the top of the screen indicating that the account is currently suspended.

After you update your billing information, your account suspension should clear shortly.