App Installation Failure Statuses

App installation may fail due to a variety of causes. Common causes include a device busy with another system activity, or an end user tapping Cancel on the device when prompted to install the app. When an installation failure occurs, Jamf Now will retry app installation until the device installs the app.

If an app installation failure status persists, we recommend you remove the app from the device. This will cause the app to stop attempting to install and to return a "Not Installed" status. You can then retry app installation.

Installed, Not Managed
The app is already installed on the device, but not yet managed by Jamf Now. To update the app to managed, navigate to the app, click the Action pop-up menu (•••) and select "Convert to Managed".
Installing… Waiting for device to check in
Jamf Now sent the command to the device to install the app, but the app has not finished installing. Installation is pending, waiting for the device to sync with Jamf Now.
Installation failed or Update failed
The app installation or update failed. This installation status will include details on the cause of the failure when possible, such as "This app requires a volume purchasing license for deployment". Jamf Now will continue to send the command to install the app until the device accepts the installation.
Jamf Now sent the command to install the app to the device.
Not Installed
This app did not attempt to install on the device.