Unlocking a Mac Computer

Users can use Jamf Unlock to complete common authentication prompts on Mac computers. Each authentication request usually follows a common sequence, but the user experience may vary based on your environment's managed app configuration, OS versions, and hardware model of a user's device.

  • Users must complete the setup process before unlocking a Mac computer.

  • The Enable Unlock switch in the Jamf Connect menu bar app must be enabled.

  • The Allow Unlocking switch in the Jamf Unlock app must be enabled.

  1. On the computer, a user is prompted for a PIN to complete an authentication prompt.

    The PIN prompt is native to macOS and will display regardless of whether a PIN or just biometric authentication is configured.

    If Jamf Unlock is configured to use a PIN for authentication, the user must enter the PIN from the app to unlock the computer. If Jamf Unlock is configured to use Face ID or Touch ID, the user can leave the PIN field blank and press return. The following table shows how each Unlock prompt displays on a user's computer:

    Lock Screen
    System Preferences
  2. On the device, the user receives a notification about an Unlock request from the paired computer.
  3. The user opens and authenticates in the Jamf Unlock app.
    Depending on the managed app configuration used in your organization, users may be required to use Face ID, Touch ID, or enter a PIN that is displayed in the Jamf Unlock app.

    If a user does not complete the authentication request within 30 seconds, Jamf Connect will disable Jamf Unlock and prompt for for the user's local password instead.

An authentication response is sent to the Mac and the user's Mac is unlocked.

If the user does not complete the authentication request within 30 seconds, the authentication request will time out and Jamf Unlock will automatically be disabled. This allows the user to use their local password to complete the request instead.

To re-enable Jamf Unlock authentication, the user must use the Enable Unlocking switch.