Re-enabling the Login Window after a Major macOS Upgrade

When a major macOS upgrade (e.g., upgrading from macOS 10.15.7 to macOS 11.0.1 or later) is installed on computers, the new version of macOS restores the login window to the default macOS settings. If the Jamf Connect login window is enabled on computers in your environment, this will remove Jamf Connect from the authorization database and disable network authentication.

To ensure the Jamf Connect login window continues to display after a macOS upgrade, you can re-enable it with the authchanger command-line tool.

  1. Use an MDM solution, such as Jamf Pro, to deploy macOS upgrades.

    For instructions using Jamf Pro, see the Deploying macOS Upgrades and Updates with Jamf Pro technical paper.

  2. Use a policy to execute the following authchanger command on computers that complete a macOS upgrade:
    /usr/local/bin/authchanger -reset -jamfconnect

The Jamf Connect login window should display the next time the user logs out or restarts the computer. If you want to confirm the Jamf Connect login window was successfully enabled, execute authchanger -print to display the list of current loginwindow mechanisms on the computer.