Identity Provider Integrations

Before configuring and deploying Jamf Connect, you must integrate Jamf Connect with your cloud identity provider (IdP).

Integrating with an IdP allows you to do the following essential tasks on computers with Jamf Connect:

  • Create local accounts

  • Continuously manage network authentication on computers

  • Keep a user's local and network passwords in sync.

To integrate with Okta, Jamf Connect uses Okta's Authentication API.

To integrate with IdPs using OpenID Connect authentication, the following workflow is generally used:

  1. Add Jamf Connect Login as an app in your IdP

    Follow the IdP specific steps in this guide to add the app to your IdP. Adding the app will generate a Client ID, which is used to configure Jamf Connect.

  2. Assign users and designate user roles

    Add users or roles to the app as needed. Configuring a role allows you to determine whether users are created as an "admin" or a "standard" user during account creation.For related information about authentication, see the section of this guide.