Collecting Jamf Unlock Logs

You can collect logs from Jamf Unlock using Terminal or Console to help you troubleshoot issues with Jamf Unlock in your environment.

The mobile device you want to collect Unlock app logs from must be connected to a Mac computer via USB.

In the Console sidebar, select your paired device or computer, and then enter the subsystem or process you want to filter logs for in the search bar, and then click Start Streaming.

Useful subsystems and process to filter with include the following:



  • Unlock

  • Jamf Connect

You can also use Terminal to collect or stream logs. Execute any of the following log command examples to collect or stream logs:
log show --style compact --predicate '(subsystem CONTAINS "com.jamf.connect") or (subsystem == "JamfBeacon")' --debug > ~/Desktop/JamfConnect.log

Outputs all historical logs to a file.

log show --style compact --predicate `(subsystem CONTAINS "com.jamf.connect") or (subsystem == "JamfBeacon")' --debug --last 30m > ~/Desktop/JamfConnect.log

Output recent logs to a file. This example collects logs from the last 30 minutes.

log stream --style compact --predicate '(subsystem CONTAINS "com.jamf.connect") or (subsystem == "JamfBeacon")' --debug

Streams current logs in Terminal.