About Jamf Connect

Jamf Connect is an app that allows administrators to manage authentication by connecting a user's local macOS account to their organization's cloud identity (network account). Jamf Connect includes two core components:

  • Login window

  • Menu bar app

Login Window

The login window is an authorization plug-in that modifies the default macOS login process and login window UI.

The login window can perform the following tasks on computers:

  • Enable authentication to the Mac with a cloud identity provider (IdPs)

  • Enforce multifactor authentication (MFA) requirements

  • Create local accounts during an Apple provisioning workflow

  • Enable FileVault

  • Link a user's network account with an existing local account

  • Convert a mobile account into a local account (demobilization)

  • Display custom branding

Menu Bar App

The menu bar app helps users manage their network and local passwords.

The menu bar app can perform the following tasks:

  • Continuously keep local and network account passwords in sync

  • Retrieve Kerberos tickets, if a Kerberos realm is specified

    Computers must be connected to an on-premise Active Directory domain controller during Kerberos authentication.

  • Sync keychain item passwords with a network account

  • Run scripts automatically or on a specified schedule

  • Configure access to file shares

  • Configure custom actions

  • Display custom branding