Uninstalling Jamf Connect

When you are done trialing Jamf Connect , you can run a Jamf-provided uninstaller package to disable and remove Jamf Connect from your test computer. Any local accounts or menu bar app PLISTs created by Jamf Connect can be manually removed.

  1. Click the following link to download the Jamf Connect uninstaller package: https://jamf.it/connectuninstall
  2. Double-click the downloaded PKG, and enter your administrator username and password to run the uninstaller.
The uninstaller automatically disables and removes it from the computer.

Removing Local Accounts and PLISTs Created by Jamf Connect

The uninstaller package does not remove local accounts you created while testing Jamf Connect. To manually remove these accounts, open System Preferences, click Users & Groups, and delete each local account and home folder that Jamf Connect created. The uninstaller does not remove personalized configuration profile settings from ~/Library/Preferences. If you opened the Jamf Connect menu bar app from a local administrator account on your test computer, you can manually remove any Jamf Connect PLIST files.