You must install the following on test computers to evaluate Jamf Connect:
  • A PKG that installs a configuration profile for Jamf Connect

  • The Jamf Connect installer PKG

Installing a Configuration Profile


Only install configuration profiles for one IdP at a time. The configuration profiles for Microsoft Azure AD, Google Cloud ID, Okta, OneLogin, and PingFederate are not compatible and may cause configuration errors if simultaneously installed.

  1. Click the download link for the cloud IdP that you want to use with Jamf Connect.
    Identity ProviderPackage Download Link
    Microsoft Azure AD

    Google Cloud ID



  2. On your computer, double-click the downloaded PKG to install the configuration profile.
The configuration profile installs on your test computer.

Installing Jamf Connect

  1. Click the following link to download the latest version of Jamf Connect:
  2. Double-click the downloaded Jamf Connect DMG and accept the terms and conditions to open the DMG.
  3. Double-click the Jamf Connect PKG.

Jamf Connect installs on your test computer.