Troubleshooting Deployments with Automated Device Enrollment

The following issues are common when deploying Jamf Connect to computers via Automated Device Enrollment.


While troubleshooting, make sure to test and debug your Jamf Connect deployment packages. For more information, see Jamf Connect Logs.


Black Login Screen

A black login screen may display rather than your IdP's login window.

Incorrect permissions may prevent Jamf Connect from executing all the loginwindow mechanisms successfully.

To resolve this issue, check your permission files in the PreStage enrollment package.

Unable to Load Identity Provider

An error reading "Unable to Load Identity Provider" may display in the login window rather than your IdP's login window.

To resolve this issue on a test computer, use local login to bypass network authentication, go to System Preferences > Profiles, and then verify the following:
  • Jamf Connect configuration profiles are scoped to the computer. If no configuration profile is present, ensure your test computer is in the scope of the configuration profile.

  • Your configuration profile contains the minimum preference keys needed to configure Jamf Connect with your cloud IdP.

  • Your app's client ID matches the client ID value generated by your IdP.

No Network Connection

Your test computer requires access to your IdP, typically on port 443.

Make sure your test computer is properly connected.