Known Issues


As part of our ongoing effort to ensure that content we publish is meaningful, the known issues list includes only high-impacting issues that meet the minimum requirements for Jamf Connect.

Login Window

  • [PI103353] When Jamf Connect login is integrated with Kopano Konnect and you use a "+" to separate scopes using the OpenID Connect Scopes (OIDCScopes) preference, scope values are not passed correctly.
  • [PI110145] When Jamf Connect login is enabled but bypassed because the Require Network Authentication (DenyLocal) preference is enabled (set to true), signing in takes longer than it should.
  • [PI110368] If Azure is your IdP, deploying a Microsoft Conditional Access policy with the Jamf Connect login window when using a custom API type in your scopes results in failure in the sign in logs upon ROPG check.
  • [PI103514] [PI009723] Jamf Connect Login does not work correctly with BeyondTrust Remote Support Customer Client.

  • [PI103717] [PI010000] Clicking on an 802.1x EAP-TLS network in the Network Selection pane of the Jamf Connect login window prompts an end user for their username and password then blocks them from joining the network.

  • [PI104509] [PI010156] Jamf Connect login window does not respect the German QWERTZ keyboard layout.

  • [PI109668] [PI010489] Installing Jamf Connect with the minimum required PingFederate PLIST results in a keychain error message at the login window.

  • [PI109394] [PI010435] Braille devices fail to transmit data from the Jamf Connect login window when VoiceOver is enabled on computers.

  • [PI103198] Enabling the login window breaks Beyond Trust (Bomgar) screen sharing/screen recording.

  • [PI101519] [PI007336] The PostInstall script for Okta configuration does not include the -DefaultJCRight flag necessary for PAM configuration, resulting in the PAM window to log into Oka not appearing and the terminal window erroneously displaying a success message.

  • [PI103329] [PI009533] Password policy violation messaging doesn't display as it should when a user changes their password to one that was used too recently--the default is within the past four passwords. Instead, Jamf Connect login spins indefinitely and the user must restart their Mac.

  • [PI105012] [PI008518] In French, some Jamf Connect login text is incorrectly translated.

Menu Bar App

  • [PI103023] [PI008951] If you push a Jamf Connect .plist via Jamf Pro with the SignIn dictionary defined, MFA preferences (i.e., automatically push last multifactor option) are not respected by the menu bar app.

  • [PI103630] When a user's Okta password is expiring soon, the menu bar app does not present Okta's change password workflow.

    Workaround: Users can sign in to Okta and change their password in their browser.

  • [PI110483] Jamf Connect fails to fetch a Kerberos ticket automatically upon network change.
  • [PI102792] The error message displayed when a user enters an incorrect password is non-descriptive.
  • [PI110486] The Enable Jamf Unlock switch no longer displays at login when Jamf Unlock authentication is enabled in the menu bar app.
  • [JC-4053] When a user signs in for the first time with their Okta credentials and needs to enroll in MFA, the webview with the Okta MFA enrollment flow should load, but instead, it produces a blank page.

    Workaround: The user can sign in to Okta using their web browser and do the MFA enrollment there.

  • [PI110173] When you deploy Jamf Connect using Jamf Pro and the InstallEnterpriseApplication command, Jamf Connect looks for an existing keychain item in the context of the _appstore user's home directory, rather than that of the end user who is actually logged in and running the app, even though the Jamf Connect process is still running as the correct/logged in user.
  • [PI103452] [PI009360] The menu bar app quits unexpectedly when attempting to sign in if the HomeMount preference key is configured.
  • [PI103756] [PI009666] When logging in for the first time using Jamf Connect login, users are not prompted to enter a short name shortly after the menu bar app appears. Manually selecting Connect from the menu bar app displays the prompt.

  • [PI008951] The menu bar app does not respect the Automatically Push Last MFA Method (AutoMFA) preference if the computer was deployed in the PLIST file with Jamf Pro.
  • [PI009373] Jamf Connect fails to update the preferences window with the short name value given by the user when the The Ask for Short Name (AskForShortName) preference key is configured.

Jamf Connect Configuration

  • [JC-854] The Create a Separate Local Password checkbox is unchecked by default, but the setting is enabled by default in the Jamf Connect login window.

    Workaround: To disable this setting, select and then deselect the checkbox.

  • [JC-1577] Text entered in the MFA Message setting in the Login tab does not display.

    Workaround: Click the </> button to view the entered text for the setting in XML.

  • [JC-1746] When editing a configuration profile in the XML editor, users can unexpectedly edit the OIDCProvider setting to values that are not supported by Jamf Connect.