Deploying Jamf Connect with Jamf School

  1. Upload packages.

    Add the Jamf Connect packages you want to install on computers.
 For instructions, see the "Adding In-House Apps and Packages" procedure in the In-House Content Distribution section of the Jamf School Documentation.

  2. Upload profiles.

    Upload your Jamf Connect configuration profiles and license file to Jamf School using the "Upload Custom Profile" option.
 For instructions, see Device Profiles in the Jamf School Documentation.

  3. Create a smart device group.

    Create a smart device group that ensures Jamf Connect is only installed on computers that have the configuration profiles successfully installed first. When configuring the smart device group make sure you do the following:

    1. In the Apps payload, add the Jamf Connect packages you want to install and select Automatic for the installation method.
    2. In the Members payload, add the "Managed Profile (Installed)" criteria to your filter for each Jamf Connect configuration profile you have uploaded. For instructions, see Device Groups in the Jamf School Documentation.

      The group membership is displayed in the table below scope. Jamf Connect will be automatically installed on computers in the scope.