Jamf Unlock Release History

1.4.0 (2022-05-19)

Change to the minimum supported version of macOS when using Jamf Unlock

As of Jamf Connect version 2.12.0, computers must be on macOS 11 or later to pair Jamf Unlock with Jamf Connect. Computers on earlier versions of macOS that already paired Jamf Unlock with Jamf Connect will remain installed and functional. For more information, see the Jamf Connect Release History.

Home Page Updates

Updates include:
  • Greeting users based on the time of day in their timezone, (e.g., "Good morning, David Engles")

  • Displaying the user's profile image, email address, name, and job title

  • Displaying the current pairing state

  • Support for scrolling, smaller device sizes, dynamic fonts, and messaging, including messages about unlocking successes and errors

For more information see Pairing a Device.

QR Code Pairing Upgrades

  • Pairing is now faster between users' iOS or iPadOS devices and Macs.
  • Pairing now times out after 30 seconds of inactivity and the user is directed back to the previous setup assistant screen to retry. This avoids users getting stuck on the pairing screen if their network connection is interrupted.

For more information see Pairing a Device.

New Managed App Configuration Setting

A new managed app configuration setting, Use Persistent Session (<key>com.jamf.config.auth-use-persistent-session), enables admin control over Jamf Unlock's access to persistent Safari data, such as authentication settings. By default, the key is set to false. As a result:
  • Jamf Unlock no longer displays the Jamf Unlock would like to use idp.com to sign in permission prompt when a user selects the Get started button unless their administrator sets the new preference to true.

  • Users are unable to leverage Safari user sessions by default unless this preference is set to true.

For more information see Managed App Configuration.

Resolved Issues

  • [PI103684] Okta domain variants (e.g., oktapreview or okta-emea) are now recognized by Jamf Unlock, and no longer result in an error when configuring the app in Jamf Pro.

  • The Allow Unlocking toggle in Jamf Unlock is now enabled by default after users pair with their Mac so that they no longer need to turn on the toggle after pairing.

  • The PIN timer now respects the 30-second countdown when a user unlocks their Mac with Unlock instead of counting down too quickly.

1.2.0 (2021-12-06)

The following Jamf Unlock features and are now available:

  • Support for logging into a paired Mac computer.


    Logging into a Mac computer requires Jamf Connect 2.6.0 or later. For more information, see the Jamf Connect Release History.

  • UI translation for Japanese, French, German, and Spanish.

  • The Paired Devices window in the Jamf Connect menu bar app now displays the user's paired device name rather than just the device type.

  • Improvements to the device pairing UI that ensure prompts asking for access to the device camera, location, and Bluetooth correctly display.

  • The PIN authentication UI no longer displays an expiration timer when a static PIN type is configured.

  • Added additonal information to the app home screen that displays when a managed app configuration on the device is missing or invalid.

This update will be available in the App Store when it's approved by Apple.

1.1.0 (2021-07-12)

New Managed App Configuration Settings

You can now use the following new settings to configure when users are required to use Face ID or Touch ID:

Require biometric authentication to open app
Require users to use Face ID or Touch ID to open the Jamf Unlock app. This setting is set to false by default.
Require biometric authentication to complete authentication requests
Require users to use Face ID or Touch ID to complete each authentication request from a paired computer. This setting is set to true by default.

Bug Fixes

  • [JC-2605] Fixed instances of overlapping text in on the device pairing screens that occured on some device hardware models.

  • [JC-2748] Jamf Unlock now respects any text size configured in device settings.

  • [JC-2791] The PIN expiration timer, when configured, no longer counts down twice as fast as the configured time.