Installation and Licensing

A Jamf Connect subscription includes the following files and assets:

  • The Jamf Connect installer PKG

  • A launch agent PKG

  • A Jamf Connect license configuration profile

Installation Files

The Jamf Connect PKG installs the following on computers:
  • /Library/Security/SecurityAgentPlugins/JamfConnectLogin.bundle
  • /usr/local/lib/pam/

Launch Agent

The Jamf Connect DMG includes a launch agent PKG that can be installed on computers. When installed or updated, the Jamf Connect menu bar app will automatically open on computers. If the app is closed by the user or it quits unexpectedly, the app will automatically re-open. The launch agent is also required if you want to use Jamf Unlock authentication at the login window.

To download the launch agent PKG, open the Jamf Connect DMG, click Resources, and then download the JamfConnectLaunchAgent.pkg file for local installation or deployment via an MDM solution.

Licensing Jamf Connect

Jamf Connect licenses are available for download from Jamf Account. You can choose between two deployment methods:

  • Download and upload license file to the Jamf Connect Configuration app

    Download a .jamfconnectlicense file from Jamf Account, and then upload it to a configuration in the Jamf Connect Configuration app. This embeds the license directly in the exported configuration profile.

  • Copy and paste encoded license string into a configuration profile

    Copy a Base64 encoded license string to your clipboard from Jamf Account, and then paste it into the License File (LicenseFile) setting of a Jamf Connect configuration profile. This method is recommended for administrators that use Jamf Pro's Application & Custom Settings payload to create a configuration profile.

Keep the following in mind when licensing Jamf Connect.

  • Jamf Connect runs in trial mode without a license, which expires 30 days after the installed version's release date.

  • The license only needs to be included in a single Jamf Connect configuration profile and preference domain. Jamf recommends creating a configuration profile with just the license key. This allows you to manage your product license and Jamf Connect settings separately.


We may collect hashed data about license usage. This data is used to monitor the number of licenses in use with Jamf Connect in your organization and does not include any Personal Information.


You must have a Jamf Connect subscription associated with your Jamf ID to download a license.

  1. In Jamf Account, navigate to Products > Connect.
  2. Depending on whether you use Jamf Connect Configuration or Jamf Pro to create configuration profiles for Jamf Connect, do one of the following:
    • Click Download License File to download the .jamfconnectlicense file, and then click Choose License... in the Jamf Connect Configuration app to embed it in a configuration.

    • Click Copy license content to Clipboard to copy a Base64 encoded string to your clipboard, and then paste the string into a Jamf Connect configuration profile via Jamf Pro's Application & Custom Settings payload.

The license file is embedded in a Jamf Connect configuration profile and ready for deployment to target computers.

If you used Jamf Connect Configuration to create the configuration profile, you must save and upload the configuration profile to Jamf Pro or another MDM solution for deployment. For more information, see the Deploying Custom Configuration Profiles Using Jamf Pro article.